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Custom: Portraits

$200.00 CAD

Beautiful custom handmade pencil portraits of your loved ones, or if you're just star-struck. Scenic options without people are also welcome! These make a wonderful gift, or even just a touching memento to have for yourself. 


8" x 10" - $200

11" x 14" - $240

18" x 24" - $360 

How to order

Send me an email at

  • subject line - Portrait: [person's name, your last name] 
  • Include minimum of 3 high resolution images of the person. The clearer the photo, the more detailed it will be. Please no instagram posts as they compress files and I won't be able to get the proper detail from them. 
  • Desired size (i.e. 8"x10", 11"x17", 18" x 24" etc)
  • Date needed by
  • Shipping Address (this can be provided when all details are finalized). 


Once we agree on the photo and size, next step is payment! This can be done with an e-transfer (I find this to be the easiest way). 

Shipping & Delivery

The estimated delivery date of your drawing will depend on the existing volume of orders to be completed, this will be discussed in our initial email thread. I will let you know if your desired date needed is possible, I will do my best to accommodate! Your purchase secures your spot on the order list. 

Drawings are done on illustration board which makes it durable for shipping. Drawings will arrive un-matted and unframed. Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping. Shipping time may vary for orders to be mailed outside of Canada. Tracking number will be provided when item is shipped. 

If you live in Toronto, contactless drop off may be available to you. Please let me know if you're interested in this option if shipping times are an issue! 

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